Z-Hotel CARD
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Z-Hotel CARD

Do you want to maximize bookings and guest loyalty while delivering real value to your guests?. Introducing Z-Hotel CARD, a fully customizable credit card sized foldable guide containing all the relevant information your guests will need while staying at your hotel. 

Your Z-Hotel CARDcould include maps, city guides and restaurant lists to show the best that your city has to offer.
… include special tips, promotions and oferings that help to increase customer spending within the hotel…
… and make it really easy for guests to keep their room key safe, with the integrated room key card holder.

Z-Hotel CARD is a versatile, all-in-one marketing product that serves as your guests personal concierge.

It improves the overall experience of their stay, encourages guest loyalty, and incentivises direct bookings.

Contact our local sales team today for more information about Z-Hotel CARD and to order your free samples.
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