Nespra IoT Connectivity

Introducing Nespra: connect with the world and access your data in real time wherever you are.

We create day by day solutions that simplify data collection for better analysis. You can connect wherever and however you want. Continues..

Velas Alicante

At Velas Alicante we present you with solutions for attractive and modern new solar protection.

The technology of tensioned sails is a product very popular for its minimalist design and exclusivity.

They can be of different geometric shapes depending on the area. Continues..

Z-Hotel CARD

Do you want to maximize bookings and guest loyalty while delivering real value to your guests?. Introducing Z-Hotel CARD, a fully customizable credit card sized foldable guide containing all the relevant information your guests will need while staying at your hotel.  Continues..

Acústica Integral

Acoustic Panels in Spain

As a restaurant owner, you want your customers to enjoy a pleasant, intimate experience … without anything or anyone disturbing them. For this, Acústica Integral provides ACUSTIART acoustic clouds in Spain.

These suspended panels absorb the noise, minimizing the cocktail party effect and offering a relaxing, private and comfortable atmosphere for the people. Continues..

Numintec Agile

Numintec’s Agile Contact Center

With this tool, you can receive calls without paying licensing costs.

You will only pay for the minutes you use… if you have a Switchboard or Contact Center, and you haven’t amortized it, you won’t have to change it and can still enjoy all its advantages. Continues..