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Velas Alicante

At Velas Alicante we present you with solutions for attractive and modern new solar protection.

The technology of tensioned sails is a product very popular for its minimalist design and exclusivity.

They can be of different geometric shapes depending on the area.

Using tensioning cables around the sail and regulating discs in each corner allow the necessary stability
for the sail to take the desired shape.

Tensioned sails can protect large outdoor areas for hotel and private terraces, car parks, swimming pools,
shopping areas and much more.

Our engineering department makes the necessary projections to maximize solar protection throughout the
different times of year.

Each projection is fully computerized.

With over 40 years of experience in solar protection, we make sure we have qualified personnel and
continuous training to provide the necessary quality of service.

Contact us for a free quotation , at Velas Alicante we protect you with attractiveness and innovation

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